Who We Are

Hello, nice to meet you!

We are a family of 3: dad (Elliot), mom (Emily), and daughter (Layla). We love our coffee, and having a three year old daughter, most days we need it - cue the early morning wakings coupled with unmatched energy somehow not derived from coffee.

Dad: Elliot began his journey with coffee at an early age. As a young child, he was picked up from daycare with a bottle of apple juice in one hand & a bottle of coffee (with cream and sugar, of course) in the other! His love for coffee only flourished from there; his go-to drink these days is an Americano.

Mom: Emily found her love for coffee at a slightly later age than Elliot, beginning with a love of chocolate covered coffee beans as a pre-teen. Her coffee journey quickly evolved into coffee as a drink, instead of only the beans! Her favorite way to drink coffee is a quiet, early morning while watching the sunrise... but she'll take a simple oat milk latte since quiet mornings are hard to come by.

Daughter (aka the bean): Layla's coffee journey isn't yet defined, but she is a huge helper when her parents make their morning cup! Layla is the inspiration behind naming of Toastie Beans Coffee - her nickname has been "the bean" since before her birth